Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red Rock Grille & Cafe - Kent City, Michigan

   I recently participated in an online auction at The Pioneer Group, and I won two Gift Certificates.  One was for the Red Rock Grille & Cafe in Kent City.  On occasion we drive through Kent City, but I have not noticed the Red Rock Grille before.  It has been there for over 4 years now.  So much for my powers of observation.

   The Red Rock is a simple building of white block and a simple sign, and that pretty much says what you can find inside, nothing fancy. But fancy has nothing to do with your taste buds, and at the Red Rock you can be sure you will find good food. The owners, a brother and sister duo names Lisa and Dave, have worked very hard to keep their restaurant up to standards.  Lisa says she would rather go beyond what is required by the State so she does not have a thing to worry about when the inspector gives her an unannounced visit. A quick look around showed us that the place is very clean.  After the meal was over and we had told her who we were and what we were doing there, Lisa proudly offered to show us the kitchen (something no one else has ever suggested.) Everything was spotless, right down to the shelves in the dry room and the cooler. A quick glance into her office said this is one neat and tidy lady.

    When we first arrived we were greeted happily, and were told to seat ourselves. The menu came out quickly with an explanation of the lunch salad bar for the day. It consists of soups, salad, toppings,  cookies and puddings and beverage. The cost was $6.96. The main course on the salad bar changes - we happened to be there on fried shrimp day.  Lisa, who was also our waitress, explained that she fried the shrimp to order, 6 pieces of butterfly shrimp per plate, breaded and deep fried, and a baked potato.  Mike decided to go ahead and fill his plate.  The shrimp arrived later, hot and fresh. Mike's Chili was full of meat and beans, with a mild sauce.  As you know, from previous posts, Mike is a chili fanatic.  He thought this could have been a little spicier ( I can never make it hot enough for him), but loved it just the same.
On Monday the salad bar comes with pizza, on Tuesday it's taco day, on Wednesday you get chili dogs or sloppy Joes, and Thursday is cook's choice.

   I couldn't resist  the Grilled Chicken Wrap in a tomato tortilla for $6.50.  It had fresh lettuce and  tomatoes, with a honey mustard dressing , and was fried to a light crunch. It was delicious!  I chose the onion rings instead of the fries for an extra $1.50, and was glad I did.  Very good, truly comfort food.

    Lisa and Dave have a lot of ideas to keep their restaurant venture going.  The next one is to change the children's play area in the back of the picture, here, to an indoor ice cream shop. They're working on that now.  Red Rock Grille, is another place you might wonder about going in, if you're not from the area.  We sometimes get so caught up in looking for pretty facades, that we might be missing out on real good, home- cooked food at a small family-owned business. This is what our country was made of, where our roots began, in small town America.  Give the Red Rock Grille a chance, you'll be glad you did.

Here are our notes:
Seating Time -- immediate
Waitress -- very friendly
Main Course -- great
Food Temperature -- hot when necessary,
Beverages -- large glass- 20 oz. ?
Salad --crisp and cold
Cleanliness -- 100%
Music -- none
Decor -- simple
Web Presence -- Facebook

Red Rock Grille
228 Ball Creek Road
Kent City MI 49330
(616) 678-7827

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I love your review and couldn't agree more, this is a great place to have a meal with family and friends!